Is chaos is the constant for monetary security in our biggest and most deceiving industries. No More, Fools!

Is chaos is the constant for monetary security in our biggest and most deceiving industries. We fall for Hollywood telling us that we can’t have a good time without sex, alcohol nor drugs and we stopped being happy. We fall for Pharma telling us that we can’t live without drugs but we die from the affects of these so-called-medicines. We fall for politicians putting dangerous and non-necessary chemicals in our food and pay them to do it. Are we making them rich so they can send us to an early grave…so we can’t enjoy our own God-given lives. When did we stop controlling our own happiness and give up control of our lives to those people who are only looking out for themselves? When crises divert our attention from the issues at hand, when did we stop paying attention?

I just happened to be looking up some ingredients that I saw on the back of a bottle and wondered what sunflower lecithin was. When I looked it up and found intelligent life and knowledgeable people commenting on the page. It is I was pleasantly surprised. It’s kind of like; when you feel like giving up on society and then, someone always seems to come to the rescue; thus re-validating your faith in society. Yeah, it was kind of like that.

They were all in agreeance! Imagine that.? They agreed with the injustice of pharmaceutical/medical and the political gain. There, they talked about the greedy industries taking advantage of the people for monetary gain versus keeping dangerous chemicals out of our diets. Harming vs helping.

I should start with: I can generally tell if I have a good doctor when they agree with me when asking for no pain meds, no unnecessary antibiotics… and when I tell them that I’d rather try Oreganolp73 first; they understand. Well, keeping solid people in my life includes keeping solid doctors and solid friends whenever possible. People who do not ask me to compromise with my ideals or with my health. I felt like I was with friends yet I did not comment. I just felt…not alone.

Well, we all know that living with no sugar, no alcohol and no recreational drugs can help the body consistently adapt to these hazardous ingredients in our life (food and surroundings) to a degree but, do we want to believe that any of those three will definitely allow any of the bio-food-hazards or product-hazards to break down the body’s immune system quickly, harming our health and our lifespan? But as it is; any of those three (sugar/alcohol/drugs) will throw your brain and body in chaos ridiculously fast.

I am not saying that I don’t occasionally eat ice cream or sweet things but I definitely know that it can have a long term (or short term) consequences and doing without it is definitely better but it should be my decision. I can’t watch TV without wanting to eat poorly. It’s everywhere: In the shows, the commercials and I’ve even noticed ads within the show on billboards, in the background etc. I think I make an educated decision when I eat unhealthy foods or I know what I’m eating…but do I? Do we really know what’s in our foods?

The sad thing, is that if people enjoy it; they (as a society) will fight tooth and nail to hide under the covers that pharmaceutical/medical industries and the Politicians have put into place for them. Oh, and of course the television industry too. Just like the ingredients in our food. Something that seems so simple is not always.. a simple ingredient. The GMOs, the soil and the root stimulators all alter and modify each and every singular ingredient. Like Alchemy; it is altered. Adding that our body’s ability to combat these hazardous ingredients, requires less of the body altering stimuli that allow the poisons to attack our unguarded immune systems. Less sugar, alcohol and less drugs. It’s a vicious circle that we’ve come accustomed to.

I learned a long time ago (thankfully) that having a good time does not require me doing what the television industry has told me; is a good time. And as I’ve gotten older; it irks me at just how much it has affected the younger generation both physically and emotionally.

The entertainment industry definitely plays a large role in our health as well… with their commercials, in-movie royalties for product endorsements such as showing people only having a good time while drinking, smoking and taking prescriptive drugs as if it should be common place; even specific foods, brands (like pizza companies) or deserts. Yes, society has played right into their hands. If we had no television, would we be as unhealthy as we are now? Maybe, maybe not. Brand names may be blurred out on some items but the united industries still play a part such as the tobacco industry, the alcohol industry, drug industry and the food industry.

It ensures that our children are just not happy eating healthy, living healthy or happy being happy if they portray unhappiness with a situation or social situation, it outlines what is to be or not be happy about. They can’t wait to drink when they get older and they think that taking medication or recreational drugs is not a big deal.

Not to get started on the rest of the industry that affects their mental health…I won’t get started on that at the moment. Although, It is seemingly just a product endorsement. Yet at the same time, it is showing the world an unhealthy lifestyle that they essentially and eventually will adapt it into their lives. Just like many people think that Hollywood has no accent (since we’ve come accustomed to it), they also think that Hollywood is the norm for our lives in multiple aspects to include emotional health and chemical adaptive health. That part of Hollywood is not real…or at least it wasn’t.

It is just a vicious circle. It is all about the pharmaceutical/medical industry (aka: MONEY), political industry (aka: MONEY) and the entertainment industry (aka: More MONEY). What was it money can’t buy? Bingo. No…happiness. (LOL)

Again, I would like to say that seeing the article was somewhat of a relief and it was nice to see like-minded people who are aware of and who are voicing their aversion of the money controlling industries who are running (ruining) the world: Both yours and my world. And we are letting them do it!

Let’s all do our part. Be aware and watch what our children are watching, who they are friends with and… spend time with your kids so that they learn from you. Buy local from farmers markets when possible and organic if you can. Good healthy exercise is a must and take them on outings for good old vitamin D with lots of fresh air before they take that away too.

Smile (anyway), it’ll help you live longer. 🙂