Childhood is way too short

from Gmas phone 238

Right or wrong? I believe in equality however; I can understand why people don’t like the recent promotion of sexual orientation in the media. It is because of our children, who of coarse; are watching it all.

First of all: Kids should be kids for as long as possible; without tainting their idea of life before they are ready to understand it all for themselves. It is up to us to differentiate the difference. I see the importance of acceptance and everyone is equal in my eyes but; I really do wish that we could keep the promotion part amongst the adults and out of the minds of our children. Life 101 not 1,0001.

A person’s sexual orientation is their business and it should not be of anyone else’s opinion. But; for people flaunting and promoting “gay pride”; it has certainly shown us that we have gone just a little too far. It is not what we want our children to contemplate nor misconstrue. Heck, I don’t want to hear about it myself as I turn on the TV, log onto Facebook or stroll through the videos on Youtube. Sex is an intimate secret that two adults share between themselves and LGBTIQ marriage can be battled without promotional ads etc. It shouldn’t be on the top shelf for children to see. It’s bad enough that we have succumbed to sexual temptation in advertisements and promotions..In which I wish we could stop as well.

When our children turn on the TV today, they see rainbow promotions, gay pride, homosexual commercials and the news. Hello!!!!…Why??!! We parents can’t lock it out like Pay-per-view (PPV) but; we sure wish we could…

Children do not even need to be aware of SEX!!! Unfortunately, some people are not thinking of the kids or they just really don’t care. But a lot of us do care and at times we wish that we could de-select the outside influences the same way that we de-select channels for cable TV. But we can’t.

What do you think? By promoting gay pride, are our children being over-exposed to sexual concepts, over-exposed to sexual imagery and has the media committed offense by over-promoting sexual orientation with serious disregard and exploitation of our children? Can’t we be a little less obvious for their sake? They are exposing children to a new way of thinking: More like opportunities for sexual activities with same sex; as well as an obvious sexual awareness before they are armed with the proper knowledge or balance in life. Let children be children; without us fighting battles in the public eye. Young public eyes. It’s sexual Education at it’s worst.

My granddaughter’s friends spent the night and they were discussing whether or not they will be homosexual or heterosexual and how weird it will be now that some of their friends may be gay or lesbian. Wow, that was just way to much to ingest in that moment. So, I quickly changed the subject with a quick offering of an ice cream sundae. This is what we are teaching our children. These girls still order off of the children’s menu for goodness sake and yet they are seriously seeing this as an opportunity and making decisions about their future already??

Again, I understand the reason for this fight but… What I don’t understand is the people who are pushing it way too far… Who aren’t actually wanting to fight for rights and yet they can’t see what they are doing to the children. I am sure for the most part people are fighting for the right reasons but because of the large scale battle; some of this has really gone out of bounds.

It is pretty scary though to see the influence on children when you go onto Facebook, twitter, tumbler…and any other social media where you see children posting their pics in rainbow colors … to promote LGBT. Really not what we need to accomplish here folks. Do we really want this kind of awareness for our CHILDREN?!

And yes, there’s more: Go to the sticker store on Facebook and the first thing that you see is “pride”. And I’’ve seen my granddaughter’s friends using these very stickers.

I have always explained things to my kids and grandkid and I’ve always taught them that because of the choices that we make; does not make us any different from each other…just unique. No one is worse and no one is better. We are all different and acceptance, is understanding that. It is not up to us to make choices for other people. It is up to us to make choices for ourselves.

I’m so ready for the media to settle down about the issues and let people be who they are without discrimination and without control. Good for everyone. Initially that is what all LGBTIQH (humans) want. So, let’s just make sure that we all don’t lose sight of our values and loose grip of the stability in the lives of all people. In other words: Building new walls should only reinforce old ones.

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